passion for advancing podio  

Are your podio-items too long?
Do you want to show some fields only in certain situations?

Get the podio vision extension.

Assign any field of an item to a category or stage.
Only the assigned fields are displayed in that category.

Change the category and new fields show up.

for chrome

for firefox

A little magic makes your items better 

If you are an experienced podio user, you know
the flexibility and power in creating the specific configuration of items for your needs.
You have any way to collect, sort and save your data and information.
And sometimes items get too long.

With podio vision extension this will be solved!


Every item starts small.

You are just beginning. You don`t need a lot of fields.

You wanna stay quick and focused.

podio vision extension vision plugin for podio-user


Your project evolves. You change the status.

And your item evolves, too.


 Assigned to each category additional fields unfold

and no longer needed fields are out of sight.

podio vision extension vision plugin for podio-user

Easy to administer

Choose category

In every category you can assign the fields used in that app to this specific category.  

Select fields

A menu opens to pick the fields you wanna assign here.

Share with your teammates

Open the menu, select your teammates and everybody enjoys the new vision.

About SmarterPodio

Since more than 2 years I work for my clients to get the best out of  podio for their individual usecases.

They love podio. It is highly adaptable, reliable and easy to use.

Now it is time for the first extension to make podio even better.   

Hanno Rödger

Head of SmarterPodio
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